Center for Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment

“Where Recovery Begins…..Make the Call”


The purpose at New Beginnings, C.A.S.A. is to provide services to both eligible and appropriate individuals in our area who abuse and/or are dependent on alcohol/drugs. The ten county areas: Grant, Jefferson, Arkansas, Cleveland, Ashley, Lincoln, Bradley, Chicot, Desha, and Drew Counties. Treatment is available on an outpatient and residential basis. It is our belief that alcohol/drug abuse or addiction is best treated without excessive or unnecessary use of other drugs. Treatment will include participation in AA/NA and other support groups. It will also include counseling approaches utilizing evidence based programming as well as, other professional using various therapeutic techniques, individual and group settings, structured course work, all of which will help the individual and staff evaluate progress.


Admission to our program shall meet the  following minimal criteria:

*    Individual must be a resident of one of the ten counties in New Beginnings, C.A.S.A.'s catchment area(exceptions may include those who are temporarily relocated to the catchment area for an extended period of time due to family or occupation, and those females with special needs.) All admissions are at the discretion of the Executive Director and/or the clinical Director.

*    There must be a diagnosis based on the use or abuse or alcohol/drugs by medical, social, or psychological standards.

*    An individual must be of legal age to be admitted into our residential treatment programming.

*    An Individual must have had the" Informed Consent  for Treatment" explained to him/her, and  have agreed to all provisions included in this consent. An individual's level of care will be determined by comprehensive  preadmission screening performed  at the time of initial contact by a staff professional. Information provided through this screening, prior substance abuse treatment history, and current level functioning will all be considered. The fundamental principle of a treatment placement system is that the client be placed in a level of care which has the appropriate resources (staff, training, and services)  to assess and treat the client’s condition according to its severity and functioning.


Residential Services are provided in a newly remodeled facility which accommodates a maximum of 29 residential clients and 4 special women services clients. These special services to women in an innovative approach to treatment that allows both pregnant and parenting mothers more access to treatment.


The Board of Directors for New Beginnings, C.A.S.A. has defined the mission of the agency in the following manner." Based on a foundation of efficiency, effectiveness, integrity and respect of the individual, New Beginnings, C.A.S.A. provides a comprehensive range of addiction services resulting in improved quality of life for the individual, the family, and the community.

Licensed by The State of Arkansas Division of Behavioral Health